Council wants flood victims to get in touch as Boston’s recovery continues

Boston Borough Council
Boston Borough Council

Boston Borough Council has appealed for flood victims in the borough to contact it with information about who they are, where they are and what assistance they may now need.

A number of people who left their flood-threatened homes are still in temporary accommodation, while others have now returned home to assess the damage to their properties.

A borough spokesman said: “The council now needs to capture as much information about them and their situation in order to plan the recovery stage. Please contact the council on 01205 314200 and someone from the council’s housing team will take details.”

Over the weekend refuse lorries from the borough council and South Holland District Council will continue to tour the affected areas to take away damaged goods.

People who want items to be taken away should make sure they are ok to do so for insurance reasons. The lorries will take ruined carpets, furniture and white goods.

Those who plan to dispose of their own flood-damaged items cannot use the Slippery Gowt household waste site due to a road collapse.

They are able to use sites in Spalding and Skegness.

A More Than insurance vehicle is located in Asda’s car park in Boston to give out advice to would-be claimants.

Red Cross is operating from the borough council’s Municipal Buildings in West Street and can assist with food and toiletries.

And householders are being urged by the council to double check the qualifications of anyone offering to undertake any repair work for them. If unsure they can get advice from Trading Standards by contacting 0845 404 0506 during office hours, Monday to Friday.