Council: ‘We are obviously running Boston properly’

News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston
News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston

Top Boston borough councillors have hailed the results of a survey as evidence that the authority is doing a ‘very good’ job.

Members of the cabinet examined figures showing how well the council is performing at a meeting this morning.

The figures contained the results of a ‘have your say’ survey that was conducted in February and March this year.

The data showed 58 per cent of people were ‘satisfied with the local area as a place to live’, up from 21 per cent last year.

Only 25 per cent feel people from different ethnic backgrounds get on well together in Boston, up from ten per cent last year, with 53 per cent disagreeing with the statement.

In total 44 per cent of people said they were ‘satisfied’ with the way Boston Borough Council runs things, up from 12 per cent last year, and 29 per cent said the authority is value for money.

The cabinet pinpointed the housing department for particular praise.

It also highlighted other figures which showed anti-social behaviour fell 27 per cent compared to last year.

There were 555 incidents in the first quarter of this financial year, compared to 761 in the same period last year.

A bullish Coun Stephen Woodliffe said: “We are obviously running the town properly. This is clear evidence that a good administration can deliver results which has not always been true of previous administrations. This one has really delivered.”

He added: “Clearly Boston has got it right. This administration is doing a very, very good job.”

Some survey results show that while the number of people happy with some services had risen, so had the number of people that were unhappy with the same service.

Coun Mike Brookes said: “People who couldn’t make their mind up have been polarised.”

He also highlighted refuse collections as a positive for the council.

Coun Derek Richmond said he believed some of the negative responses were more down to the ‘national scene’ rather than what the council was doing.

Car parking was an area of dissatisfaction – with 57 per cent responding negatively to questions on the issue. 81 per cent were ‘dissatisfied’ with public toilets.