Council: “We’ll use CCTV to name and shame”

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Litter louts, street spitters and inconsiderate farmers could all find themselves ‘named and shamed’ by the council.

Boston Borough Council’s cabinet approved a string of measures aimed at smartening up the borough at its meeting on Wednesday.

The steps range from education in schools to giving out free dog mess bags, changing the colour and style of litter bins and getting farmers to clear mud off the roads.

Members vowed that the newly revamped CCTV suite could be used to publically expose offenders.

Coun Mike Gilbert called for the cameras to be turned on spitters, saying: “That is a real scourge of the town centre. It’s not only anti-social it’s extremely unhygienic. If CCTV could pick that up we could name and shame those individuals.”

Mud on the roads is a police matter but councillors said they had heard of a farmer who indicated he would rather pay fines than clear up after his vehicles. Coun Peter Bedford suggested anyone with that attitude could also be ‘named and shamed’.

Parish councillors, BID rangers and community volunteers could be asked to be the ‘eyes and ears’ of the authority and report people who regularly commit offences so they can be issued with fines. Coun Mike Brookes said the people who report the offences could also share the proceeds of the fines.

George Bernard, council head of environmental operations, said the street cleaning campaign would include ‘groundbreaking’ work such as a mobile phone app to report problems.

He said: “It is a delightful town but spoilt by people’s behaviour so whatever we can do to encourage those people to be more responsible then the better off we all will be.”

Offenders will also be working to clean up the town as part of their court sentences.