Councillor: Have your say on parking permits - or miss out


A councillor is warning residents if they don’t make the case for parking permits at a meeting of the council next Wednesday, they could miss out.

Boston borough councillor Carol Taylor is asking people who live on roads such as Tunnard Street, Thorold Street, Tawney Street and Hartley Street to attend the Scrutiny Committtee at 6.30pm when councillors discuss a recent report regarding the viability of parking permits for households within the town area.

Many residents on such streets are getting fed up with having to move their cars every few hours to avoid tickets from the new Civil Enforcement Officers.

Coun Taylor said: “This report has been commissioned by the council and although reports have been compiled before, I believe this one will be the most in depth investigation to date.

“It is important, however, that members of the public living in the area’s of Tunnard, Thorold, Tawney and Hartley streets make the effort to come and listen to the presentation of this report.

“Many residents in the town area have suffered so much recently since the implementation of parking fines, making it impossible to park even on the street where they live.”

The committee will decide whether suggestions advocating permits in the report can go to Cabinet.

Coun Taylor said: “If approved, it will happen. If rejected, it will not. I am therefore appealing to those residents to come forward and have your say as this will be your last chance I expect for another few years.”

Residents on town centre roads have been pushing for residents parking permits for more than 10 years - with several petitions being handed to the council.

And they have found that since Lincolnshire County Council took over parking laws have been more rigorously enforced.

Previously, Coun Derek Richmond said the authority had been waiting for responsibility for parking to pass from police to the county council before they could discuss permits.