Councillor warns UKIP party bosses of ‘own goal’ and declares: ‘They ought to rename Chris Pain Julius Caesar, he’s got enough daggers in his back’

Bob McAuley
Bob McAuley

One of Boston’s ‘breakaway’ UKIP councillors declared: ‘I think they ought to rename Chris Pain Julius Caesar because he’s got enough daggers in his back’ and told party bosses they might have scored an ‘own goal’ by thowing out the former county leader.

Lincolnshire county and Boston borough councillor Bob McAuley said he is still ‘reeling’ from yesterday’s decision by UKIP to ditch Coun Chris Pain at a disciplinary hearing.

Coun McAuley warned the decision could have dire consequences for the party in this area and told The Standard: “No doubt about it this is an absolute gift to the other parties and our opposition both at county and at a national level.

“It could cost them a seat and could destroy their credibility in this area.

“I am amazed Steve Crowther has been naive enough to do what he has done and it could just turn out to be an own goal.

“I sincerely hope this gets resolved, they re-instate Chris and we can move forward and fight the fight.”

He said he has taken a number of calls from party supporters who feel Chris Pain was ‘stabbed in the back’ and said his colleague has done a lot to establish the party in the area.

Coun Pain led 15 other UKIP councillors as the official opposition at Lincolnshire County Council before he was ousted last week and was due to stand at the 2015 General Election for the party.

Coun McAuley said he and the five other councillors who broke away from the main UKIP group on the county council will still sit as ‘UKIP Lincolnshire’ with Chris Pain as their leader.

He said that position will still stay in place until he is told otherwise, declaring: “I they want to take us out and shoot us then that’s what they’ve got to do.”

He did reveal, however, that should the party dismiss Coun Pain’s appeal against his removal then he will have to ‘seriously search his conscience’ about remaining in the party in the long term.

Coun McAuley will be attending the UKIP conference in London this weekend.