County could get share of £450 million to help troubled families

PLANS to transform the lives of an estimated 1,370 families in Lincolnshire have been announced by Prime Minister David Cameron and Communities Secretary Eric Pickles.

Almost £450 million has been made available nationally to help troubled families in each local authority areas, including those in the county estimated by previous government research.

It is hoped to help almost 120,000 of some of the country’s most troubled families by the end of this Parliament.

The PM said that last year the state spent an estimated £9 billion on the same number of families, around £75,000 per family.

He said: “Our heart tells us we can't just stand by while people live these lives and cause others so much misery.

“Our head tells us we can't afford to keep footing the monumental bills for social failure. So we have got to take action to turn troubled families around.

“This immense task will take new ways of thinking, committed local action, flexibility and perseverance. But I know too that it's a task we can't shirk. People in troubled families aren't worthless or pre-programmed to fail. I won't allow them to be written off. So we must get out there, help them their lives around and heal the scars of the broken society.”

A new Troubled Families Team based within the Department for Communities and Local Government has been established to join up efforts across Whitehall, provide expert help to local areas and drive forward the strategy.

The Government will offer up to 40 per cent of the cost of dealing with these families to local authorities on a payment-by-results basis.

Success will be measured on getting children back into school, reducing their criminal and anti-social behaviour, getting parents on the road back to work, and reducing the costs to the taxpayer and local authorities.