Details revealed of Boston and Skegness Conservative Party’s ‘open primary’

Open primary
Open primary

The Conservative Party has revealed details of how it is planning to choose its General Election candidate for Boston and Skegness.

The local association has opted for an ‘open primary’ method of selection which offers the public the chance to vote on applicants.

The primary will take place on Saturday October 25 at Peter Paine Sports Centre in Boston and will involve up to four candidates undergoing an interview and a Q&A session before a vote from the audience.

Residents wanting to attend and vote have be on the electoral register in the Boston and Skegness constituency and also register with the local Conservative Party beforehand.

Ruth Street, Boston and Skegness Conservative Association Chairman, said: “We are opening up the selection of our new candidate because we want local people to help us decide on who will be wearing the blue rosette at next year’s General Election.

“Other local political parties might claim to offer something new, but actually still pick their candidates behind closed doors. The Conservatives in Boston and Skegness do it out in the open.

“This is really exciting for politics and the great thing is it doesn’t matter how you usually vote with the event open to all. So please register and come along to join us at the open primary in Boston later in the month.”

You can register by phoning: 01205 351804, emailing:, visiting: and by writing to: Boston and Skegness Conservatives, 16 Main Ridge West, Boston PE21 6QQ.

To attend the event you must register using any of the four methods available by Wednesday October 22.