Don’t panic! MP calls for caution at the pumps

BOSTON and Skegness MP Mark Simmonds has urged people not to panic buy petrol amid rumours that tanker drivers could stage a strike in the coming weeks.

Several petrol stations in the Boston area have run dry over the past couple of days as motorists queue to fill up ad make sure they have enough fuel to last through the weekend.

Those which have had fuel have seen endless queues of cars waiting to get on to the forecourt and access the pumps.

Speaking earlier today, Mr Simmonds said he thought these actions were premature.

He told The Standard: “People should not panic and they certainly should not panic buy petrol.

“The trade unions that voted for strike action have to give notice of seven days which they have not done. If things do escalate, notice will be given.

“I very much hope a resolution to the dispute can be found.”

Talks are due to take place with trade unions which voted for the strike to take place. It has been reported that the army may step in to help with the problem if a resolution is not found.