ELECTION: Number of candidates swells to eight


In the last General Election, six candidates ran for parliament in the Boston and Skegness constituency.

As it stands, there will be a choice of eight for voters come May 7.

In 2010, The Conservative Party took the bulk of the votes, some 49.4 per cent of those cast or 21,325.

The Labour Party were second on 20.6 per cent (8,899), with Liberal Democrats in third on 14.8 per cent (6,371).

UKIP, considered to be a major contender in 2015, came fourth on 9.5 per cent - some 4,081 votes.

The British National Party came fifth on 5.3 per cent (2,278).

Sixth place went to an independent candidate who attracted 0.4 per cent of the vote (171).

The turnout was 61.1 per cent or 43,125.

This year’s contenders are:

The Rev Robert West, British National Party

Matt Warman, The Conservative Party

Victoria Percival, Green Party

Chris Pain, An Independence from Europe Party

Paul Kenny, The Labour Party

David Watts, Liberal Democrats

Lyn Luxton, The Pilgrim Party

Robin Hunter-Clarke, UK Independence Party

Lyn Luxton had been due to stand for The Lincolnshire Independents, but announced earlier this month she would be standing down from the role of their prospective parliamentary candidate following a dispute with the party.

A replacement candidate has yet to be announced.