EUROPEAN ELECTIONS: Conservatives call for a more democratic EU

Reform aim - Emma McClarkin (centre) with MP Mark Simmonds and Conservative supporters
Reform aim - Emma McClarkin (centre) with MP Mark Simmonds and Conservative supporters

Conservative candidate Emma McClarkin canvassed opinion from visitors to Boston’s market as part of the party’s campaign for the forthcoming European elections.

She asked their views on all matters Europe and particularly her party’s intention to negotiate newterms of membership and then a subsequent an ‘in or out’ referendum based on the changed relationship with the EU.

She was joined by fellow candidates Stephen Castens and Brendan Clarke-Smith with local colleagues who asked people to sign up to the Conservative Petition to Let Britain Decide.

The party then toured Somersby Green, Somersby Way, Fernleigh Way, Linden Way, Spilsby Road and Burton Close.

Ms McClarkin said: “People welcomed the chance to share their views on the EU.

“It’s something people feel strongly about.

“I enjoyed talking to them all including first time voters, businessmen and women as well as active and retired professionals.”

In the evening, she was the guest speaker at Boston Conservatives Supper Club held at Boston and County Club when she discussed the need for greater democracy in the EU, the fight for less, not more political integration, and not a United States of Europe.

She said Conservative negotiations with other member states for a new deal is gaining support with the Prime Minister leading the way.

A party spokesman said 81 per cent of people in the East Midlands are in favour of negotiating a better deal with the EU, followed by 
a vote in a referendum.