Fears for child poverty under tax changes

A CHARITY has warned that more than 700 children in the Boston and Skegness consituency will be at risk of being ‘thrown into poverty’ when benefit changes come into effect in April.

The Child Poverty Action Group says changes to the Working Tax Credit rules will impact on 355 households in Boston and Skegness, affecting 730 children.

At the moment couples must work a combined 16 hours to get the benefit but from April will need to work 24 hours or face losing their £3,870 a year entitlement.

The numbers affected are those currently working between 16 and 24 hours who may lose out.

Charity chief executive Alison Garnham said: “This will pull the rug from under the feet of hundreds of thousands of families desperately trying to make ends meet. It’s shocking how many children in some places are going to be hit by this change and inevitable that many will be thrown into poverty.

“Just imagine how hard it will be on low pay, with low hours and with kids to take care of when suddenly up to £70 a week gets taken away. It’s not like it was these families who caused the economic crisis, so why does all the austerity have to land on them?”