Finish line? Spending on PRSA to rise to £7.1 million but council says deal will end burden to taxpayer


Council chiefs are convinced they have finally come up with a way to stop the Princess Royal Sports Arena being a drain on finances – with the total bill to the taxpayer now set to rise to £7.1 million.

Boston Borough Council is planning to invest in energy efficiency measures at the PRSA and Geoff Moulder in a bid to raise the money needed to get the PRSA to stand on its own feet.

Councillors will be asked to spend £1.4 million in total - £560,000 on the energy efficiency measures and £840,000 on getting the 
PRSA up to scratch to be leased out.

Council leader Peter Bedford said: “This points the way to a successful future for the PRSA at minimal cost to the council taxpayer. It will ensure the centre’s future.

“It has an important role to play in tackling health inequalities for the residents of the borough. It is a well-used facility.”

Former councillor Anne Dorrian, who previously criticised the funding of the Boardsides facility while on the council, said spending more money 
on the PRSA is ‘appalling’.

She said: “I think it’s a complete and utter waste of taxpayers’ money.”

She says during her tenure on the council, from 2007 to 2011, members had hoped the issue was being resolved and described the facility as a ‘complete and utter white elephant’.

The £840,000 that is now proposed to be spent on the facility will take thetotal projected capital cost of the PRSA to the taxpayer up to £7,141,258.

Mrs Dorrian said she felt it would have been better to sell off the PRSA but the council has revealed to The Standard that that is not viable until 2028 at the earliest due to the grants given to the project.

The PRSA, which is projected to have made £2,797,000 in revenue by the end of this financial year, will be discussed at the council’s environment and performance committee next Wednesday.