Four contenders line up in borough council by-election race

News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston
News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston

Four candidates are fighting to win the Boston Borough Council seat which is empty following the death of former councillor Paul Mould.

The Staniland South ward will be contested on May 2, the same day that votes are cast for the Lincolnshire County Council elections.

Today we feature the four contenders for that seat, with their words to try to win your vote.

In the next edition of The Standard we will publish the statements from the county council candidates – with the list of those running in the seats also listed below.

Coun Mould died in February aged 79.

He had been a councillor – fulfilling an ambition – in 2011 and was also a local historian and governor at Boston Grammar School.

Pam Kenny (Labour)

I am a nurse with 25 years experience working with older people in the NHS.
I live in Bradford Road in Staniland South.
I have been actively campaigning on local issues such as getting rid of the green waste site on Staniland Road and I campaigned for brown bins instead.
I also regularly attend the Lincolnshire Police Neighbourhood Panel in Staniland South, where I discuss issues which affect your lives.
I believe you need a councillor who lives in your ward and understands local issues.
Some of you may already have met me during my roving surgeries and I’ll make sure that if elected I will not be a silent voice.

Robert Lauberts (Independent)

I live in Boston and every day I experience the same issues that affect you. 
As your independent councillor I will work for the people of Boston on the following issues:

A total ban on street drinking throughout the whole borough, enforcement of littering and dog fouling offences

Work with the police to clamp down on anti-social behaviour

Lobby to change the law so the council can regulate the number of shops selling alcohol

Lobby for free parking in Boston town centre

Press for the distributor road that Boston desperately needs

Make 2nd May Boston Independents Day!

Carl Richmond (Conservative)

Born and bred in Boston, I am proud to be the Conservative Party candidate for the by-election in Staniland South ward on May 2.
My priorities as a borough councillor would be:

To work hard for ward members

To fight for a safer and cleaner neighbourhood

To tackle the strains that immigration has placed on our local resources — through professional, sensible and practical dialogue both with the relevant agencies and with the local community.
Elsewhere, I work as a project manager (International Publishing) and speak five languages.
On Sunday 21 April, I ran the London Marathon to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Bob McAuley (UKIP)

I have lived locally for the past nineteen years and am now retired from running my own business.
I believe that the people of Boston should have more of a voice in what affects their everyday lives and to that end, I would be working ‘with the people for the people’.
I will be campaigning for:

The local community to be more involved in resolving local issues.

Zero tolerance on crime and anti-social behaviour.

The improvement of Boston’s infrastructure.

Prioritising services for local people

An end to open-door immigration.

The Conservative Party goes into the county council elections holding six of Boston’s seven seats. The strong showing in 2009 came during a good year for the party, in the last year of Gordon Brown’s Labour government.

This time the party faces the challenge of UKIP and Labour contenders in every seat as well as a number of independents.

The Boston candidates are:

Boston Coastal (current holder Peter Bedford, Con): Peter Bedford (Con), Paul Gleeson (Lab) and Felicity Ransome (UKIP).

Boston East (current holder Mike Gilbert, Con): Anne Dorrian (Ind), Richard Dungworth (Lincs Ind), Mike Gilbert (Con), Paul Kenny (Labour and Co-op), Sue Ransome (UKIP).

Boston Fishtoft (current holder Raymond Singleton-McGuire, Con): Elizabeth Ransome (UKIP), Mike Sheridan-Shinn (Labour), Raymond Singleton-McGuire (Con), Ossy Snell (Ind).

Boston North West (current holder Andrea Jenkyns, Con): Paul Goodale (Lab), Andrea Jenkyns (Con), Tiggs Keywood-Wainwright (UKIP), Carol Taylor (Ind).

Boston Rural (current holder Mike Brookes, Con): Mike Brookes (Con), Norman Hart (Labour), Jodie Sutton (UKIP).

Boston South (current holder Paul Skinner, Con): Alison Austin (Lincs Ind), Jan Finch (Lab), Don Ransome (UKIP), Paul Skinner (Con).

Boston West (current holder Major Ray Newell, Ind): Yvonne Gunter (Con), Pam Kenny (Lab and Co-op), Robert Lauberts (Lincs Ind) and Bob McAuley (UKIP).

Also, bordering the borough:

Donington Rural (current holder Amanda Puttick, Con): Teelesh Bisnauthsing (Lib Dem), Terry Davis (UKIP), Jane King (Lincs Ind), Sheena Ross (Lab), Sue Wray (Con).

Tattershall Castle (current holder Betty Harvey, Con): Betty Harvey (Con), Colin Mair (UKIP), Neil Ward (Lab).

Spilsby Fen (current holder Jim Swanson, Con): Victoria Ayling (UKIP), Christopher Burton (Ind), Julia Pears (Ind), Chris Prince (Lab), Jim Swanson (Con).

Wainfleet and Burgh (current holder Neil Cooper, Con): Terry Chipchase (Lab), Neil Cooper (Con), Chris Pain (UKIP).