Government spending review will lead to more cuts - but council calls for ‘fair share’

News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston
News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston

The Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review will leave our councils having to find further savings – with one senior figure saying they would like to see this area get its ‘fair share’.

George Osborne announced in the House of Commons that local government will face a further 10 per cent cut.

The impact here is not yet fully known, but both Lincolnshire County Council says it will have to find more savings on top of cuts it has already made.

Deputy leader Councillor Patricia Bradwell said: “The council is committed to playing its part in balancing the nation’s books. Over the last two years the council has found significant savings, while also protecting priority services.

“We also have plans in place that will bring a further £67m of savings over the next two years.

“However, it’s important that everyone pulls their weight, and that Lincolnshire isn’t asked to do more than its fair share.

“Rural authorities like Lincolnshire still do not receive the same level of overall funding as urban areas. So the council will continue to call for a fairer deal for local residents.

“Whatever the future holds, we’ll continue to use the resources we have to deliver priority services as best we can.”