Hidden camera to be used to film park vandals

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A COVERT camera has been set up in Central Park in a bid to catch trouble-makers committing ‘wanton vandalism’ in the town’s green lung.

Boston Borough Council made the decision to deploy a roving hidden camera in the park after a spate of attacks over the summer – which included damage to the Jubilee Fountain days after it was installed.

It means council staff will be able to watch the park 24/7 in the hope of catching the culprits.

In the most recent incident, vandals trashed the park’s community garden, destroying plants and other items in the greenhouse and ripping up vegetables growing in the allotment. Outdoor exercise equipment was also damaged and the Union Jack raised on a flagpole for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was stolen.

The damage was described as ‘heartbreaking’ for community groups and those with learning difficulties who give up their time to tend the garden.

Volunteer Fran Taylor, who discovered the mess on August 29, said: “They will be so upset. This sort of thing is so mindless. I hope it will not put them off carrying on.”

Coun Yvonne Gunter, the authority’s portfolio holder for parks, told The Standard: “This is a big concern, and I think the cameras are a step in the right direction.

“We can’t have somebody on there day and night, but having cameras 24/7 will be a good idea.

“I don’t think people will feel that Big Brother is watching them.The cameras will be very carefully put to the right areas, so they won’t impinge on anybody sat in the park having a chat. I think people will realise this is a problem that we have got to address.

“We have got to keep this facility going and I feel we should have as many cameras as we can so we can keep an eye on what’s happening.”

Another camera will be trained on the Jubilee Fountain once it is put back in place.

The council has warned that anyone caught on the CCTV cameras will face prosecution.

Peter Hunn, council principal community safety officer, also urged people living near the park to keep an eye out for anything suspicious going on in the area.

He said: “All this goes on when there are not staff or any figures of authority there to keep a watch on the security of Central Park, and that’s why we are asking the public to be our eyes and ears after hours.”