Illegal parking ‘honeymoon period’ is over

A STARK message has been sent out to motorists who park illegally in and around Boston town centre – the honeymoon period is over.

Rogue parking has been a long-standing problem for Boston Borough Council, but the headache it causes has been increasing since the revamped Market Place was re-opened in the spring. It is also a problem in other busy parts of the town such as West Street and High Street, with people parking on double yellow lines

But now the authority is planning to clamp down ahead of the introduction of civil parking enforcement later in the year, which will see officers from Lincolnshire County Council patrolling the streets to tackle illegal parking.

Coun Derek Richmond, portfolio holder for parking, said: “Any perceived honeymoon period will soon be over. On-street parking will be enforced. We are sounding this reminder now so that motorists still have a little time to adopt better practice and get used to the idea that stricter car parking enforcement will be coming to Boston.”

Officers have been clamping down on people who are not stopping in marked bays, issuing £60 fines to those who leave their vehicles in the wrong place, but motorists continue to park their cars outside of the designated area.

Ian Martin, the council’s economic development manager said: “There are 3,500 spaces in Boston where drivers can legally park. Most drivers know when they are parking illegally. It can’t be worth risking a £60 fine when there are plenty of spaces where they can park free from risk and worry free.

“We just want people to behave sensibly, responsibly and considerately, if only because it’s the law.”