Independent to offer ‘common sense’ approach

Local Independent candidate for the Boston and Skegness seat - Peter Johnson
Local Independent candidate for the Boston and Skegness seat - Peter Johnson

A ex-policeman from Benington is the latest to throw his hat into the election ring - with the aim of securing the Boston and Skegness seat.

Independent candidate Peter Johnson is hoping constituents will vote for his ‘common sense’ approach and elect him in May.

“Don’t waste your vote, make sure it is a vote for common sense and responsibility,” he said.

“I want to see everybody start to take responsibility for their own lives and actions - to see everyone understand they have rights, but with them come responsibility. One has the right to have children but one must parent them. One has the right to eat in public but not to throw litter.”

Mr Johnson, 55, worked as a policeman for the Metropolitan force for a number of years before moving up from London to the Boston area in 1996. He now runs his own business selling composting toilets.

“My business is worldwide and having connections with companies abroad I have come to see the benefits of an economic Europe,” he said.

Staying on Europe, he added: “I’m worried that if we go out of Europe we are going to have a real problem on our hands. Jobs, pensions and investment depends on good commerce - we need Europe, but we need to change the European bureaucracy.

He said his time on the force gave him ‘an intimate knowledge’ of poverty and the ensuing social issues of drugs and crime.

He said he was working with children and young people in situations relating to domestic abuse and suicide.

He is passionate about education, the police and NHS.

“I want our own young people encouraged to take up science through good teaching of science in schools,” he said.

“I want to put more police on the street and to use civilians to crunch data and leave trained officers to police.”

Mr Johnson also wants to see the number of road accidents reduced across the area - with hopes of lowering speed limits on single-track roads.