Independents party confirms it investigated former candidate’s complaint but did not find in favour

Lyn Luxton
Lyn Luxton

The Lincolnshire Independents party has confirmed it investigated a complaint by former candidate Lyn Luxton and ‘did not find in her favour’.

Mrs Luxton announced on Monday that she was stepping down from the party and forming her own after she was made aware of ‘numerous Internet pages showing comments from a new member of Lincolnshire Independents. Comments about our diverse community, which we find both unacceptable and offensive.’

“The Lincolnshire Independent Executive considered the evidence carefully and made their decision not in Mrs Luxton’s favour.

Leader of Lincolnshire Independents Coun Marianne Overton

However, leader of the Lincolnshire Independents Coun Marianne Overton has defended the party saying her allegations were about ‘previously discredited web pages and a comment’ adding that Mrs Luxton had also claimed she felt members were not doing enough for her.

She said: “We investigated her complaint very fully, taking witness statements and cross-checking in separate investigations.

“The Lincolnshire Independent Executive considered the evidence carefully and made their decision not in Mrs Luxton’s favour.

“She has now left to start her own party. It is very rare for us to lose a member and we wish her luck.”

Announcing her resignation on Monday, Lyn Luxton said it was ‘with disappointment’ she had decided to stand down from the party but said it was a ‘decision of conscience.

Pointing to the organisation of the Peace Event, in Boston, on January 24, she said: “My team and I believe in freedom of speech, we also believe in equality for every race, religion, non-religion and person that is peaceable, inclusive and racially impartial.”

She added: “We apologise to our constituents but we were completely unaware of these until late last week.

“Whilst acknowledging peoples rights to freedom of speech our morals have been tested and we do not feel ethically or individually that we can continue to represent Lincolnshire Independents.

“As a tireless campaigner for a ‘firm but fair’ approach I believe that people from any faith, race or nationality should be welcomed if they are hardworking members of the community.

“It is also our view that everyone should be allowed a ‘road back’ from any error of judgement however there appears to have been no remorse, reparations, or public apology made by this member.”

Mrs Luxton will now stand under a new party she has formed - The Pilgrim Party.

Mrs Overton said it was ‘under consideration’ as to whether the Lincolnshire Independents would support another candidate in the May General Election but urged any ‘strong representatives’ which support their community to get in touch.