Jingle Bells! Meet the family behind 50,000 poinsettia plants who are in demand with B&Q

Bell's Nursery
Bell's Nursery
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Deck your halls with special festive plants - and say hello to the local family who have been growing poinsettias for the nation’s homes for four generations.

Bell Brothers Nurseries, in Benington, grow and harvest their colourful crop to be delivered to stores, supermarkets and garden centres around the UK in time for Christmas. And they have been doing so for more than 50 years.

Bell's Nursery

Bell's Nursery

The family-run business was founded in 1961 by Bernard Bell - and now supplies the flowers to retail giants B&Q, Tesco and Homebase.

Bernard Bell began by growing tomato and vegetable plants, and in under a decade, had expanded his site ten-fold. They are now proud to be a market leader in the supply of bedding and flowering pot plants.

Bernard’s two sons, Robert and Jonathan Bell, now run the business and there are three generations of Bell family working there.

“It’s not just the family but our dedicated staff of 50 - who are incredibly loyal and work really hard this time of the year making sure we get the crops out in time for Christmas,” said Robert.

“Poinsettias make a great addition to the home at Christmas but if you look after them and don’t over-water them - they can last all year until the next Christmas!”

One of the few remaining poinsettia growers in the UK, Bell Brothers grow a total of 50,000 premium poinsettias per year.

Half of their crop is sold at B&Q and, this year, B&Q increased its order as they predicted sales going up.

Poinsettias are indiginous to Central America - referred to as the ‘Christmas Eve flower’ in Mexico, where they were traditionally given as a gift.

Elsewhere, they have also become a popular Christmas decoration with their colourful red and green foliage.