Labour: “Pay the living wage to ease Boston’s problems”

Boston and Skegness Labour candidate Paul Kenny
Boston and Skegness Labour candidate Paul Kenny

Labour General Election candidate Paul Kenny said he will campaign for a ‘living wage’ which he feels will stop British workers being undercut and will lessen the amount that needs to be paid in in-work benefits.

Mr Kenny said: “If you want to tackle the issue of poverty and benefits in Boston then introduce the living wage.”

His comments come after Prime Minister David Cameron promised a fund for areas such as Boston where there are a large number of migrant workers as well as tougher rules on claiming benefits.

He said there also needs to be restrictions on gangmasters, the licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) and action to tackle street drinking.

He added: “We also need a clear message to the courts and magistrates that if somebody commits a crime then they should be sent home.
“Anybody sentenced to more than six months in prison should be sent home.”

Mr Kenny also said people being sent back to their home country should not be given 28 days notice, as is the case currently.