LETTER: I consulted people on our public toilets


It is true the comments made in the Boston Standard’s front page story, Wednesday, May 30 2014.

In May and June 2010 The Wide Bargate Cattle Market toilets were threatened with closure due to Boston Borough Council cut backs.

I took it upon myself to raise awareness of this by standing in the Cattle Market car park collecting a petition from the ladies and gentlemen who used the toilet, explaining that the toilets were likely to be closed.

Over a few hours a week for six weeks I collected 1,083 signatures from people who were opposed to the closure. Of the 1,083 signatures I consider 324 (30 per cent) were from away.

The majority of the people who used the toilet are local, and can be spilt into two categories 1) shoppers of all ages, from Boston and a wide definition of the Midlands.

2) local tradesmen, taxi drivers, post men, driving instructors, market traders etc.

The main point however that struck me was how many people ‘from away’ (particularly on a Wednesday) used the toilets.

All are shoppers/tourists with money. Buses drop them off at the HSS layby on John Adams Way and the passengers immediately head straight to the Wide Bargate toilets, as they had been on a long ride in from Mablethorpe, Horncastle, Skegness, Lincoln etc.

Tourists passing through the town from the south also, upon seeing the toilets stopped off to use the toilets and while they were there had a look around the town.

The furthest away visitors/tourists to the town who were grateful for the toilet break were on motorbikes from Munich!

The overwhelming comments made by the signatories to the petition were, if they closed they would seriously consider not coming to the town!

Local people park in the Cattle Market car park specifically because the toilets are there!

I am grateful to all who decided back in 2010 to keep the toilets open despite the difficult financial times.

I did not in the end have to use the 1,083 signed petition at a council meeting, but I still have it in my possession along with many letters of support.

Of course all the arguments for the Cattle Market toilets are equally relevant to the Lincoln Lane Bus Station toilets. It is a real shame about the closure of the Assembly Rooms toilets. Its closure has done the town no favours.

I look forward to seeing the newly refurbished Cattle Market toilet being reopened (May 3). On behalf of its many users, locals and tourists, say thank you to the powers that be in West Street for seeing business sense and personal convenience, for keeping the facility open.

Stephen L Brown

‘L’ on Wheels School of Motoring - Boston driving instructor