LETTER: I’m incredibly disappointed by music festival cancellation


Like many people, upon hearing the news that Harry Violet’s Harfest was cancelled, I was incredibly disappointed.

It is an event I’ve heard a lot about for some years now and, like a lot of great things that start off with a slow burn and word of mouth, I’d heard enough to want to join in the fun myself.

It is absolutely unbelievable that the police have intervened at the last minute and it was cancelled.

Putting together an event like this cannot be done overnight and it cannot be put together by just anybody either, it requires a lot of organisation, solid dedication and much hard work.

In fact the local powers that be still haven’t managed to organise a music event of the likes of Party In The Park and now, when Harry has managed just that, an amazing local music event which frankly would’ve blown anything else out of the water, championing local musicians and culture (the types of things that are right on council checklists) the plug is pulled on it.

This was promoted in the local press and on local radio for goodness sake!

There were people the other side of the country planning to come, only to hear it cancelled at the last minute. Do you have any idea how bad that looks?!

One man tries one thing to put the borough on the map, one thing that young people locally and elsewhere can come together and enjoy before heading back to university, one thing that would dispel remarks like ‘typical Boston’, ‘nothing much ever happens here’ and ‘it’ll never change’ - and what happens?!

You want an example of why a lot of young Bostonians go away to university and never return to live in the place they grew up in? You’re staring at it square in the face.

And, for an example of why things never ever change and whenever anybody, anywhere comes up with an exciting creative idea that is so beyond anybody else’s old fashioned views, that it somehow manages to get shut down - this is most definitely it.

The really tragic thing in all this, is people have suffered this type of garbage for so long that it has become expected.

We are told that the reason it can’t go ahead is health and safety. That there’d be too many people attending. This is a fair concern.

What isn’t fair however, is the fact that it was left until the afternoon the day before the event making it far too late to resolve.

In fact, it’s actually quite reprehensible behaviour that leaves a sick taste in one’s mouth.

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