LETTER: I’m proud to be a Conservative - ours are doing a great job

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I write to express my deep disappointment that neither Couns Taylor or Leggott have sought to engage with the points I sought to make in these pages in respect of councillor allowances, and instead lowered themselves to the level of personal attacks.

I am indeed a Conservative supporter, as indeed was Coun Taylor for the duration of her election campaign.

This, however, does not exclude me from making a positive contribution to a public debate as a private citizen, which indeed I am. Much good work has been done by our Conservative councillors on behalf of the borough, including the reopening of the Geoff Moulder training pool, the closure for which many column inches were written; the success of Boston in Bloom; and finances which are so well managed that many thousands of pounds of taxpayers money has been saved on the auditor’s bill alone.

The point I sought to make was that anyone should be able to afford the time necessary to become a senior councillor, with cabinet or committee responsibilities. Anyone, from a lorry driver to a teacher to a land worker, should feel able to give their time to public service without being left out of pocket.

To suggest, as Coun Taylor does, that this fair remuneration of senior councillors is motivated by greed is quite barmy, given that the primary beneficiaries are already generously giving their time in service to borough taxpayers for far less than a great many people could afford to. It cannot be profligate to ensure that the cabinet and council does not become elitist; that it does not become the preserve of only those who are able to afford to give their time so freely and cheaply.

It would be far better if Independent councillors would accept the suggestions of an independent panel and cease to use such a marginal issue to distract from the genuinely good works of the current council and its Conservative leadership, of which every voter can be rightly proud.

Tom Ashton

A Conservative, Wrangle