LETTER: I’ve lobbied for change on foreign vehicle rules


Reference a letter that is in the September 3 Standard from the Boston Labour councillors. Just to get the facts straight. The six month exemption rule only applies to visitors entering the UK.

The instant a visitor resides in the UK ie obtains a National Insurance number, lives here, works here, they become a Resident and are obliged to register and tax any vehicles immediately.

As we know many do not, the police are fully aware and inform me it is up to the DVLA to prosecute. I have written to the Minister of Transport on this issue – his reply was they are looking at doing a pilot scheme on the issue.

This abuse has been going on for years and they turn a blind eye to it. You have to ask the question why?

On another subject the headline nearly 15,000 more registered at doctors than shown on the census.

Funny how the protest group said all along that far more immigrants are here in Boston than ever admitted to, it makes a nonsense of professor Craig’s statement in the much acclaimed report on population change, were as a professional witness he was adamant the number of immigrants in Boston was between five and six thousand.

Bob McAuley

Borough and county councillor