LETTER: It’s a pity our councils aren’t imaginative


A local authority is setting out a business model to create its own energy supply company.

If the plans go ahead, Nottingham council will follow in the footsteps of local authorities such as Southampton and Woking.

In Southampton, a municipal plant provides electricity for the port and for council buildings. Woking council owns a company called Thamesway which powers town centre buildings in Woking and in central Milton Keynes.

Another council leading the way with energy innovation is Bristol, which, last year, became the first council to own a wind farm.

If the business model is approved, Nottingham hopes the energy company will start trading in 2015.

The details of how the company will operate are still being worked upon but the council intend to start by focusing on households that need the most help and have said that every opportunity will be taken to create local jobs to operate the company.

Boston Labour councillors applaud such initiatives.

Interestingly this is a Labour run authority which has taken up the mantle for the working poor. It is a pity that in Lincolnshire, we don’t have imaginative authorities who fight for their communities.

We just have Tories who tell us ‘we are all in it together’ and then watch the local people living off food banks, while making a profit out of low income families by reducing the council tax rebate scheme.

Boston Labour councillors