LETTER: We do need a street drinking ban


It is that time of year again when Boston Borough Council is asking its citizens what thoughts they have about anti-social behaviour and street drinking in our town.

This provokes lots of discussions about what we are able to do as a council. As you may be aware we have had a Designated Public Places Order (DPPO) operating in our town for some years which some people have mistaken for an outright ban on street drinking, but which actually only allows police to intervene in the event of anti-social behaviour connected with the street drinking which does not deal sufficiently with the problems.

We, your Labour councillors feel that an outright ban is what is needed now in Boston. We could use the powers given by Chapter 2 of the recently-enacted Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, to bring this in to fruition.

We know that people in Boston are fully behind this, so we would urge Boston Borough Council and Lincolnshire Police to acquire the necessary consent to bring this ban into force. Recently a former Mayor of Riga in Latvia visited Boston and was surprised that we allow drinking on our streets as it is banned in many cities across the European Union. If it is good enough for them – isn’t it good enough for us? It is now the right time to bring a ban on street drinking to Boston.

Boston Labour councillors