LETTER: We must fight warden cuts


Many older people living in supported accommodation are able to live independent lives due to the support they get from the warden service.

Although this service was provided by local housing providers it is funded from Lincolnshire County Council’s Supporting People budget.

Sadly the Conservative controlled county council is now threatening to take this service away from April 1, 2014. Boston Labour councillors are surprised and saddened that the Conservative Party at Lincolnshire County Council are making such an attack when their own Prime Minister said there would be no cuts in services to older people, and at the same time the Secretary of State for Health recently made a major speech highlighting the serious effects of loneliness to older people.

We believe this decision is short-sighted and yet another attack on the vulnerable. We hope that if you have family or friends who will be hurt by this unnecessary decision, you will join us in challenging this cut.

Boston Labour Councillors