LETTER: We need a gate on ‘toilet alley’


I was pleased to see that Councillor Bob McAuley has highlighted the problems that we have had with the walkway between Heron Frozen Food Stores and our own office in Wide Bargate.

Councillor McAuley says that this is regularly ‘being used as a toilet’ and he is quite right.

This passageway does not belong to us, although we do have a right of way over it.

It also forms a disabled access to our offices, as we have a rear entrance door in the passageway for this purpose.

I quite agree with Councillor McAuley that the passageway is disgusting.

Our staff use the passageway regularly, and are constantly complaining about it.

We have protested long and hard to the Lincolnshire Co-op, who own the car park behind our office, and to the people who manage that car park (the Robin Hood car park), and although some efforts have been made from time to time to clean up the mess that is left, this is never sufficient.

Ideally we would like to be able to lock the gate that is shown in the photograph in your article – that leads from Wide Bargate into the passageway – when business ends each day but this gate does not belong to us, and we have not been allowed to do it.

We have even gone to the lengths now of installing CCTV cameras looking down the passageway, and this has captured men and women openly using the passageway as a toilet in broad daylight. Unfortunately the police have been unable yet to identify any of the culprits, and therefore bring any action.

We feel sure the situation could be improved though by more regular cleaning of the passageway, but also by the simple step of locking the gate at the entrance to the passageway.

I see that this is one of the suggestions made by Councillor McAuley.

We would heartily recommend that that action be taken.

I am very pleased that the council has said that it is writing to the land owner about the issue.

I hope it goes beyond writing a letter though, and positive action is taken.

Please keep up the good work in bringing this to the attention of the authorities.

Peter Lawson

Senior partner, Chattertons