Members agree to freeze borough’s portion of the council tax bill

A FREEZE on its portion of the council tax bill has been agreed by members of Boston Borough Council.

It follows nought per cent increases from Lincolnshire County Council and Lincolnshire Police Authority, which together with the borough council make up 99 per cent of the council tax bill.

The remainder comes from parish councils.

It means that in 2011/12 householders living in a band D property will pay a borough council tax portion of £168.39, equivalent to £3.23 a week.

As a result of the nought per cent increase, the council will receive a Treasury grant equivalent to a 2.5 per cent increase (£82,000).

The freeze was agreed on Wednesday as members of the full council came together to set the budget for the financial year ahead.

A group of protesters had gathered outside the Municipal Buildings, in West Street, to show their opposition to the Coalition Government’s public sector cuts, with funding to the borough council set to fall from £6.8m to £6.1m next year.

Inside, portfolio holder for financial management and corporate governance Coun Richard Lenton described the budget as ‘robust’ and said it aimed ‘not to impact on the people of this town’.

There was criticism, however, from Independent member Coun Richard Legott who argued recent nought per cent rises in the precept approved by the council were ‘coming home to roost’ as it attempted to balance in books.