MEP: ‘Britain and the’s complicated’

Conservative Supper Club
Conservative Supper Club

Politicians should not present Britain’s relationship with Europe too simply, MEP Andrew Lewer MBE warned members of Boston Conservatives Supper Club.

Speaking at the Boston & County Club, Mr Lewer said his party alone can deliver an EU referendum and warned that although he had not ‘gone native’ and become pro-EU that: “When the vote happens, there will be no ‘objective’ leaflet demonstrating what the true pros and cons of our membership really are. The situation is complex, and those who seek to present it in black and white terms do all of us a grave disservice.”

He warned guests that Labour was able to take control of his own Derbyshire County Council, thanks to UKIP ’nibbling away’ at support.

He added: “I would warn voters that voting for a party that perfectly aligns with your views may mean that another party with diametrically opposite views ends up in charge.

“It would be a disaster for all of us if the same thing happened nationally.”

He said he believes UKIP voters could get most of what they wanted by voting Tory.

Mr Lewer, elected in 2014, said that the renegotiations on Britain’s membership of the EU, which the Conservatives would begin straight away if they form a majority Government in 2015, would bid to make sure that the UK retained the beneficial aspects of EU membership, and said he would fight for the interests of the East Midlands in particular.

More than 70 members and supporters attended the event, including election candidate Matt Warman.

The next supper club will be on January 16 2015, with speaker Peter Lilley MP.

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