Minister views major road plan

John Hayes looks over the Quadrant plans with David Newton.
John Hayes looks over the Quadrant plans with David Newton.

The Government’s roads minister visited Boston on Friday to look at the plans for a distributor road included in the Quadrant development near Wyberton.

Roads minister and South Holland MP John Hayes met with Chestnut Homes managing director David Newton, along with councillors, and other dignitaries to look at the plans for the start of the road, which will form a major part of the Q2 development.

He said the Quadrant road will form ‘part of the solution’ to Boston’s traffic woes, and added he believed it was ‘long term-thinking, big thinking and the right kind of thinking’.

He said: “I know this road well because my two sons were both born in Boston at the Pilgrim, and that’s my local hospital. We come to Boston for all kinds of other reasons too.

“Knowing this road, I know how congested it can be to get through and across Boston.”

Mr Hayes, whose two sons live in Boston, said the road has been a problem for a long time and said he believed the new road - along with several other distributor roads throughout the area - would help.

Many people in the area are still hoping the town will get a bypass, however, Mr Hayes said studies had shown distributor roads to be just as useful.

He said: “We know that studies that have been done show that a series of distributor roads could do the job that a lot of people believe needs to be done in response to congestion in the town.

“This is one of a number of changes around Boston, which would each have their role to play in helping with congestion.

“This would not help all of the problems, but it’s one of the solutions.”

Q1 includes a new home for Boston United as well as 500 homes and businesses.

The Quadrant recently had its planning permission for Q1 formally approved by council officers.