MP backs Budget

AN ESTIMATED 40,000 people in Boston and Skegness will benefit from raising the personal tax allowance according to MP Mark Simmonds.

The Tory MP backed George Osborne’s Budget, which was announced in the House of Commons last week, and said it will help people who need it most.

Mr Simmonds particularly praised plans to increase the threshold at which workers start paying tax to £9,025 in April 2013, something he says benefits an estimated 40,000 families in the consituency.

He said: “I am exceptionally pleased that this budget has taken such a significant step in redirecting money to where it is needed most.”

The Budget sparked debate over controversial cuts to the top rate of income tax, from 50p to 45p, and a cap to income tax breaks for pensioners – the ‘granny tax’.

Mr Simmonds said cuts to corporation tax boost business and argues the rise in the state pension and benefits such as Winter Fuel Payments, free prescriptions and bus travel will protect the elderly.