MP: ‘It’s appalling people under 56 have not had a say on Europe’

News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston
News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston

A referendum on our future in Europe has been backed by MP Mark Simmonds who said it was ‘appalling’ voters aged under 56 had never had a say.

The Boston and Skegness MP said he was delighed at Prime Minister David Cameron’s plea to give people an in/out referendum by 2017 should he win the next election.

He said: “I have always made clear my belief that the British people should be granted a referendum on the European Union and am exceptionally pleased that I can now say, a future Conservative Government will ensure this happens.

“Our membership of the EU certainly means something entirely different today than it did in 1975 and it is appalling that nobody under the age of 56 has ever had a say on our relationship with Europe”

He added that he believed the PM was committed to renegotiating Britain’s relationship with the EU.