MP says Osborne’s budget will boost Boston

MP Mark Simmonds
MP Mark Simmonds
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Boston MP Mark Simmonds has hailed George Osborne’s budget - saying it will ease tax bills for residents and help boost the economy in the borough.

Mr Simmonds, a minister in the foreign office, says a measure announced last week will take almost 500 people out of paying income tax altogether in his Boston and Skegness constituency.

The policy in question will see the ‘personal allowance’ rise next April - meaning people do not pay any on their first £10,000 of earnings.

Mr Simmonds argues that people will be £700 better off here than they were when the coalition government first came to power.

He told The Standard: “I am delighted that the Chancellor has announced the personal allowance will reach £10,000 a year earlier than planned.

“I know families across Boston & Skegness are struggling in the current climate so this is positive news for my constituents who will now be able to keep more of the money they have earned. Due to this measure, 490 people in Boston & Skegness will be lifted out of tax altogether.”

Mr Simmonds also hailed the news that beer duty will be cut by a penny, adding: “There are hundreds of pubs across Lincolnshire who are struggling every day to stay open and remain a part of their local communities. This is good news for breweries, pubs and beer drinkers alike.”

The 48-year-old former shadow health minister also backed several other budget measures to boost Boston.

He said that cancelling a fuel duty rise will save cash for hard-up motorists and said the Employment Allowance will shave £2,000 off National Insurance bills for every employer.

He believes that, coupled with a Corporation Tax cut, could help encourage new businesses.

Mr Simmonds said: “The Employment Allowance will benefit 60,000 businesses and charities across the East Midlands. It is fantastic that employers will be able to use this money to hire one extra person earning over £20,000 a year, or four people working full time on Minimum Wage, without paying any National Insurance.

“I am hopeful that this measure will lead to an increase in jobs in my constituency of Boston & Skegness and businesses will feel confident to invest in new workers.”