MP: “Send me evidence of anti-social behaviour in Boston to put to policing minister”

Mark Simmonds
Mark Simmonds

MP Mark Simmonds has issued a call for people to come forward with evidence to help prove the need for action to tackle anti-social behaviour in Boston.

Mr Simmonds will be meeting with policing minister Damian Green and wants to put the experiences of everyday Bostonians to him.

Writing in today’s Standard the MP for Boston and Skegness said the currently situation is ‘unacceptable’ and that he shares the irritations and frustrations of people in the town.

Here’s his column in full:

It is without a doubt that one of the main issues raised with me by my constituents is anti-social behaviour.

Reports of drinking outdoors, urinating in the street and high levels of noise at unacceptable times of night are not acceptable.

Whilst I firmly believe that it is a very small minority of local residents who are guilty of this behaviour, this does not mean that the issue can be dismissed.

The constituents who contact me are angry and frustrated and I too am irritated by these examples of contempt for our town and community.

It is for this reason that I decided to contact the Policing Minister and request a meeting, attended by myself, the Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner and the leader of Boston Borough Council.

It is only by sitting around a table and openly discussing these issues that we can ensure central Government understand the challenges that Bostonians are facing.

It is not only residents who are affected.

Boston businesses too are concerned about anti-social behaviour impacting on our town.

At a time when economic growth is so important, this cannot be allowed to continue.

So, I have written to the Policing Minister and he has responded confirming that he will meet with me and other Boston representatives, a date is in the diary.

I want to properly represent the views of our town and so I am asking all my constituents to contact me with their experiences of living in Boston.

If you have experienced anti-social behaviour in the last year please tell me about it before April 14.

Either write to me at the House of Commons or email me at, and be sure to include your full name and address.

Do you agree with Mr Simmonds? What do you think needs to be done to tackle anti-social behaviour in the town?