Name change for Boston’s ‘Bypass’ party

BOSTON Bypass Independents has changed its name in a bid to shake off its image as the ‘bypass party’.

In a move to show the electorate it is not a ‘single issue party’ and is concerned with all affairs of the council, members have renamed it Boston District Independents (BDI).

“The new name means we can get away from being accused of being a one-issue party,” said Coun Richard Austin, BDI’s deputy group leader.

Asked by The Standard if the new name signified the party admitting defeat on the Boston bypass issue, Coun Austin added: “Absolutely not – we continue to fight for a bypass and better traffic flow systems.”

BDI describes itself as an ‘organised group of independent councillors representing people in Boston and the surrounding district’ – boasting ‘greater power’ than a lone independent.

“It was the traffic situation that brought the BBI councillors together,” said the party’s chairman Tony Elmer.

“However it was also the lack of drive and creative thinking on many issues that caused the public to vote out most of the long-standing councillors in 2007.”

Leader of the elected BDI councillors, Coun Helen Staples said that BDI is registered as a party with the electoral commission and members are independent and free to vote ‘as their conscience dictates’ with no penalty for doing so.

At county level BDI members are affiliated to the wider group of Lincolnshire Independents.

BDI members believe that national party politics should have no place at district/borough level. Its members are drawn from across all the main political parties.