New UKIP councillor: ‘People want change...that’s why they vote for me’

Tiggs Keywood-Wainwright
Tiggs Keywood-Wainwright

New Fenside councillor Tiggs Keywood-Wainwright said her election was a sign that Boston people wanted ‘change’.

Coun Keywood-Wainwright won the seat last week and became the second UKIP member on Boston Borough Council. Since her election Coun Keywood-Wainwright and Bob McAuley – who also won borough and county seats under the UKIP banner – have both joined a breakaway ‘UKIP Lincolnshire’ group on Lincolnshire County Council.

Coun Keywood-Wainwright told The Standard that she is looking forward to representing the people from the ward on the council – and says unemployment was the biggest issue that came up on the doorstep when campaigning, as well as dissatisfaction with the ruling Tory group.

She said: “Fenside is quite a mixed area – it isn’t all just social housing. Don’t think that only ‘social housing people’ voted for UKIP.

“A lot of people are disappointed with the council and what’s happening with the town. They want some change and it’s obvious that they’re going to vote for change.”

She added: “I’m looking forward to representing the people.”

Just 412 people cast their ballot out of an electorate of 3,015, a turnout of just 13.66 per cent, with 162 voting for Coun Keywood-Wainwright.

Daniel Elkington (Conservative) and Rev Alan Taylor (Lib Dem) were tied on 87 votes and Labour’s Ben Cook was last on 75.

Coun Keywood-Wainwright said the turnout was disappointing, but felt had it been higher she may have had an even bigger majority, adding: “To get double the votes of the next person down is a good result even though the turnout was low.”