OBSERVER: About time action was taken over the Market Place

I RETURN once again to the question of when is someone actually going to get something done about the Market Place?

It’s now several weeks since the refurbishment was ‘finished’, yet still nothing is being done about the parking or sorting out where vehicles can actually drive safely.

The signs warning drivers they should park only in the marked areas are usually hidden behind parked cars!

Pedestrians walk haphazardly all over the area and there have been several near-misses, with cars coming from the Stump and library and then being driven either to the right or left of the Market Place, depending on how the driver feels.

I’ve been told by one resident that she now feels threatened whenever she walks in the area.

Before the ‘improvement’, it was at least possible to walk on defined pathways and cars knew where they should drive. But now? It’s every man for himself, apparently, and sooner or later there’s going to be a serious accident.

Again I make the plea to someone – anyone – to get it sorted.

l Since the news of the sale of the Assembly Rooms and possible closure of the toilets there, it has been pointed out that there could be a possible health and safety risk – a real one, this time – considering the number of food stalls in the vicinity on market days.

I don’t suppose many stallholders would appreciate staff disappearing for a visit to toilets at the bus station, Central Park or Bargate; they are the options if the closure were to go ahead.

When you come to think of it, in recent years we’ve had numerous wrong decisions from the people who are supposed to look after our interests.

Starting with the PRSA (continuing despite successive councils claiming they would ‘solve’ the problem), we’ve moved on to the Jubilee Fountain fiasco, the Market Place work and now the Assembly Rooms. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

On reflection, perhaps the BBI weren’t as bad as painted, but we do seem to suffer from Cabinets who always think they are right and everyone else wrong.

And with a built-in political majority, I can’t see the situation change at the belated meeting to be held to discuss the matter.