OBSERVER: At last, an admission of truth


At last! A councillor – from the opposition, of course – has actually confirmed what I and several others have been saying for several months: that the Market Place is ‘frighteningly quiet’ and ‘we’ve got to admit that things aren’t working’.

Thanks, Coun Gleeson, for also putting into words concerns about which many Bostonians have been thinking for a long time. Speaking at the recent meeting to confirm the budget, he said “. . . it isn’t a budget that benefits the people of Boston and whilst we may be steering a sinking ship, we are steering that steadily on to the rocks.” He went on: “We are paying for six years of not keeping up with inflation and because of that we now don’t have the money that we need to put some of the serious problems right.”

Of course, as far as the present incumbents are concerned it’s all the fault of previous administrations. As Coun Mike Gilbert pointed out, the previous council ‘weren’t doing things as efficiently as I would argue we are as a Conservative administration’.

Sorry, have a walk round town and listen to what (most) residents think of the present ‘efficiency’ we are getting. Assets appear to be being sold off at an alarming rate; services are being outsourced (and we all know the result of a lot of outsourcing – more inefficiencies from firms wanting to make money); and the way things are going the only thing we will be paying council tax for is councillors’ allowances and (dwindling) staff costs.

Oh for the days when councillors – of all political persuasions – left their allegiances at the door of the council chamber and took decisions to benefit the whole town. The perception these days is that decisions are made elsewhere before meetings and when it comes to the vote someone pulls a string for all the hands to go up! Very democratic!

Incidentally: the result of Coun Gleeson telling the truth? By 23 votes to five the budget was passed. Perhaps some of our representatives need to ask themselves if party really does come before town. If things continue as they are, it’s possible they soon won’t have anything to administer other than their own meetings.