OBSERVER: Banksy art offers some light relief to town


At a time when (some) people are complaining about how Boston seems to be getting dirtier and duller with very little happening about the town, we suddenly have a mysterious anonymous artist called The Key who is injecting a little interest by leaving Banksy-type graffiti murals around the town.

Like them or not – and I see nothing wrong with them – it’s certainly taking our mind off the fact that the town

needs something to brighten it up.

Some see the works as vandalism, want them removed and the artist made to pay for it. Others think they are beautiful and ‘cool’.

And then we have Coun Knocker Richmond: according to him they are ‘sending the wrong message, it degrades the town’. Well, councillor, they don’t degrade the town any more than it is at present. They bring a little light relief to people as they go about the town and it seems those on private property may be left.

Who knows, they could even bring a few visitors in?

Mentioning visitors, it was interesting to see on local TV news recently that Scunthorpe’s council, in an effort to attract visitors, is giving two hours of parking free each day to shoppers, and all day on Saturday.

Time to take a leaf out of their book?

I have always been keen to read Coun Carol Taylor’s blog each Thursday. So I’m sorry to have to ‘put her right’ on a couple of things she has said about the Quadrant development.

She comments that Boston United don’t need such a large stadium as they don’t get very big crowds yet the club aspires to get into the Football League so they have to have a stadium this size to qualify for various grants.

Some of the small crowds she mentions refer to away games, and the 3G pitch she refers to is for the ‘outside’ pitch.