OBSERVER: Doesn’t the country want to own anything?

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We are led to believe that ‘we are all in it together’ regarding the present recession. But it seems more are ‘in it’ than others.

Who would have thought food banks would have to be set up in some parts of the country (including Boston) to assist people struggling to make ends meet?

Meanwhile, the banks are continuing on in their own sweet way with more allegations in recent weeks of mis-selling to customers. The government seems unable – or unwilling – to do anything about it; but benefit cuts to those needing them most (and I agree the benefit system has to be looked at) seemingly continue unabated.

Nearly all our treasured possessions are being sold off. Successive governments have seen fit to get rid of our gas and electric companies – mostly to foreign investors – but currently seem unable to have any influence in preventing the price rises. Can anyone explain why it is that we have six powerful supply companies, all with different tariffs, yet all using the same distribution network? It’s not as though we have separate gas pipes and electricity cables for each.

British Gas and British Telecom were all sold off, generating huge profits for investors; now Royal Mail has gone the same way, losing millions in extra income to the country because of the low offer price.

Although private investors only got the £750 worth of shares, those wanting £10,000 worth didn’t get any, ostensibly to make it fairer to small investors. Then along comes a hedge fund, allowed to buy over £200 million worth!

A nuclear power plant is to be built using Chinese investment, while under our feet we have millions of tons of coal doing nothing. Our government goes along with EU regulations on ‘clean’ energy so are getting rid of coal-fired stations; Germany, also in the EU, say ‘not for us’ and build even more.

East Coast Trains, run on behalf of the government, makes a profit of over £600 million; now there are plans to privatise it, probably having to pay a subsidy to the lucky bidder! Doesn’t the country want to own anything?

OK, rant over; back to normal(?) next week!