OBSERVER: Haven’t they already got the immigration evidence?

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Our MP Mark Simmonds was in town recently together with the relevant minister to discuss the town’s problems and explain why he believes we are not receiving the correct funding from central government. The minister is now asking for ‘evidence’ to support Boston’s claims.

It seems Mr Simmonds has not been keeping up to date with all the local news, views and comments in the local press regarding the direction in which the town appears to be moving; that could have been the ‘evidence.’ I was also under the impression that the recent council report provided more than enough ‘evidence.’

While we have a council, county council and MP all of the same political persuasion it is obvious that no-one is going to upset the apple cart by protesting or putting forward our case more strongly. Many residents know what is happening; the impression is that many of those in power don’t want to know.

l I suspect the author of the ‘Crap Towns’ book is quite a clever gentleman! All he has to do is give prominence to several towns and – hey presto! – residents are up in arms and he gets loads of free publicity.

It certainly seems to have worked as far as we are concerned, and while I may criticise many things about the town I certainly believe many others that I have visited far outweigh anything Boston has, or hasn’t, done to warrant inclusion in the book.

Many of his criticisms must have been done a little tongue in cheek (and I know to my cost how much that can cause ructions!) but perhaps they have been taken too seriously and consequently he has reached his desired objective: more publicity for his book.

Looking at it logically, would you believe that London is number one, Louth is 32, yet Boston comes below them at 44? Let’s face it, Louth is quite a beautiful place to visit. Certainly with its preponderance of locally-owned shops and businesses and should be well below us – but let’s treat the book for what it’s worth, purely and simply a publicity stunt, and an author running all the way to the bank!