OBSERVER: Market Place, Assembly Rooms, PRSA and THE fountain - the four topics people keepy coming back to

I don’t know about you but it seems that there are only four main topics of conversation in the town these days – the Market Place (ad nauseum), the Assembly Rooms, the PRSA and THE fountain.

There’s one common denominator is all this – our beloved council.

I was castigated some weeks ago by Coun Richmond – whose remit includes the Market Place – for alleging there are less stalls now and often empty ones as well. Last Wednesday while walking through I overhead a couple (I presume visitors) commenting “There’s not as many stalls as last year, are there?”

And a comment overheard a day after from one of a group of elderly ladies walking near the Post Office: “Well, I don’t think we’ll bother with a trip here again, there’s too many empty shops.”

Perhaps Coun Richmond should get out and about a bit more to hear comments.

The Assembly Rooms saga seems still to be rumbling along, the best kept secret apparently being that it is sold and that the toilets will go, and as I commented before will stallholders then be expected to walk down to Bargate or pop along to the bus station?

The PRSA has been a thorny problem for the council ever since it was built, with all the promised benefits to the town and area not materialising. It does seem wrong that money is continually being pumped into the venue, especially as ratepayers were promised it would not be a drain on resources.

Rumour has it that still more money is to be given to keep it going – what a pity some of that money couldn’t have been transferred to the Assembly Rooms to keep it up to scratch.

And as for the fountain? Again, after all the promises that it would be re-erected more solidly it takes only a few hours for a couple of nine-year-olds to damage it! Why not just put a picture of it in the West Street offices of the relevant portfolio holder and then forget it?

Is there really no one down West Street – or in Lincoln – who is bothered or interested in what is happening to the town?