OBSERVER: Parking permits should be welcomed

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In the time since the enforcement officers have been deployed there has been a noticeable difference in the parking habits of many motorists and, unfortunately ,some residents have been punished with fines for parking outside their own houses.

So the news that the council is at least going to consider a scheme for permits should be welcomed; however, residents have a part to play if any progress is to be made.

I understand that those in the affected areas are to be consulted and they should make it a priority to let their views be known.

Too many times in the past the council has advertised surveys on a number of topics but they find, apparently, that views have not been forthcoming.

So they make a decision which in some cases is not what residents want, then find out when criticism is made that few people bothered to respond.

At least this time the proposed survey is getting publicity through the local media. On a number of occasions in the past I have mentioned that surveys always seem to be ‘on line’ but not everyone has access to the internet.

Let’s hope for the sakes of the residents affected by the parking proposals that they will be notified either by post or through adverts in the local press – at least that should get a decent response and leave little room for criticism.

l I have to echo the Editor’s comments last week about my recent ‘tongue in cheek’ note re the ‘dog flags’! It certainly wasn’t my intention to upset anyone and I would have thought that by now most of my few readers would have realised I often make these little ‘asides’; to all those who were offended my apologies.

I accept that in hindsight I ought to have made it clear that my comment was meant to be treated in a joking manner. Unfortunately, I can’t believe that among the 280 staff and 32 councillors not one of them saw the ‘joke’! I know council work can be serious but...