OBSERVER: Some criticism for the council...and a little praise too!


I know I’m a bit late but I have to make a couple of comments on Coun Singleton-McGuire’s letter from a couple of weeks ago, in which he took issue with a BBI member (remember them?) and his comments about the present policies.

Two of these comments really do make me wonder if our representatives actually get out and about: “We are committed to improving Boston’s car parking, investing £117,000;

improved and refurbished Market Place … which has now shown an increased foot-fall helping local Boston businesses during a time of economic difficulties.”

I wonder if he actually asked any businesses for their comments before making this last claim. I have actually asked a number of shopkeepers what they think (a) about the parking and (b) about the Market Place. Their replies certainly didn’t back up his claim.

In fact, one business told me that if the parking situation wasn’t soon sorted out and the Market Place didn’t go back to what it used to be then he feared for his business.

The councillor also claimed: “For the first time ever we were accredited with the Charter of Excellence in customer service.” If he read his own survey report – which I commented on a few weeks ago – he might see there that 51 per cent were not happy with their visit to council offices, which I presume involves customer service?

While the council may have received ‘accreditations from auditors for providing good value for money’ that doesn’t necessarily mean that that ‘value’ was appreciated by taxpayers who have seen services go down quite a bit; some roads still don’t seem to have been swept very much lately.

l I have to praise the council (yes, I can do it occasionally!) for actually getting together and expressing concern about the suggested move of the Post Office. I wonder if they might also get their Health and Safety officer to make a comment about the move as well?