OBSERVER: The cost of amalgating councils


A report last week – from an organisation based in Brighton – suggested there could be savings of up to £20 million if all the councils in Lincolnshire were amalgamated into one big authority.

An example of where this had been successful was Cornwall; so let’s compare the figures. At the moment Lincolnshire County Council has 77 councillors representing almost 719,000 residents. Cornwall has 123 councillors representing about 532,000. So not really like for like, especially when you consider the size of the two counties. It appears that when Cornwall got together every council near enough sent all their representatives to the new authority; just imagine, in a worst case scenario, how many that would involve if Lincolnshire was to do the same!

Now, I’m fully aware some people consider me a cynic (the editor seems to think this is the case!) but I can just see the implications for our county; a new, super duper block of offices built for all the new councillors (obviously in Lincoln), new officers on fancy salaries, even more office staff, and extra expenses. Add to that the amount of compensation for redundancies.

Like everything else, this report was obviously put together by someone who, apparently, doesn’t know our county!

The present ‘leader’ thinks it should be given consideration (of course!), but I was more impressed by the view on local radio from an older resident, who suggested if there was to be amalgamation the county should perhaps be split into three. You know, something similar to what we used to have – Holland, Lindsey, and Kesteven. It wasn’t broke, but it still got fixed and we’ve been suffering ever since.

○ Thanks for your comment on the letters page, Mr Friar. You have your opinion, I have mine. All I will say is that my friends from away, who have been visiting for years, can’t believe how bad the Market Place has become; I would point out I have never said I ‘hate’ the town, I am more ‘concerned’ about it, as someone who has lived here all my life.

Mr Storry – I will comment on your letter in a future column.