OBSERVER: What do they have against the people of Boston?


Just what is it that the county council appear to have ‘against’ Boston?

We’ve just (almost) recovered from one load of chaos and out of the blue – and most of us didn’t know of the work until the Friday afternoon before it started – we are saddled with the work at the Haven Bridge. For a cycle track?

Like many of the county’s attempts to ‘improve’ the town this will go the same way as all the others.

No disrespect to cyclists, but many of them already use the pavements and I fail to see how this latest effort will improve things.

It’s all very well to say it’s to be part of the cycle routes to reinvigorate the High Street but I wonder how many will use it?

While we are mired in chaos the county council goes on its merry way to improve those parts we in Boston can’t see: they have plans in place for a Grantham bypass, the Lincoln east-west link, the Lincoln east bypass and another bypass for Spalding.

As I’ve said before the Grantham scheme is an insult to us.

It’s to ease congestion in the town and speed traffic on its way to the coast, ie Boston!

Perhaps it’s time for us in Boston to ask for a referendum – to get independence from the county council and spend our money on our town and not others’; we don’t appear to be receiving the same benefits as others are.

The borough council say they are continually ‘pressing’ for a bypass but by the same token we are fully aware they will only do as they are told by their party leaders in Lincoln.

In other news: Nice to see Mr Pickles has decided not to call in the Quadrant plans for BUFC, so let’s hope building work can soon begin.

And the town has been given a silver gilt award for its efforts in the East Midlands in Bloom competition – well done to all concerned.