OBSERVER: When will the council come good on its commitments?


I was a little surprised and disappointed – yes, sad I know – that when I received my council tax demand there was no accompanying booklet with it.

In the past this had explained fully what money was spent on and what the council intended to spend money on in the next year. Obviously saving money by not sending one out this year.

I discovered the said booklet was available after all: only thing was, it had to be downloaded from the council website. And as I’ve said before on several occasions not everyone has access to the internet.

The one page I found interesting was page eight – Our Commitment To You. This explains that, among other things, the council is committed to ‘improving our town centre’ and ‘promoting tourism’. So, without apology, I have to ask once again when will they do both of these ‘commitments’?

By ‘improving the town centre’ I sincerely hope we are not due for yet another Market Place fiasco – that is, of course, unless it is to restore it back to its original state. And if ‘promoting tourism’ they mean to encourage shoppers by reducing car parking fees, then power to their elbow! Somehow I don’t think either will be the result.

Mentioning the Market Place it was interesting to read the latest comments from our leader concerning the new council depot, money for this development coming from that received from the sale of the Assembly Rooms, which were heavily subsidised or not, considering the state the building got into.

And the reason for getting into that state? Successive councils not spending money on its upkeep when it was needed. Incidentally, when are the current owners going to finish the painting of the outside? At the moment it is not a good advert for the Market Place.