OBSERVER: Writer was spot on about Market Place parking issue

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Your letters, emails and opinions - Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston

I think I might have slipped into the same mode as the council leader when reading the beginning of the letter ‘I feel sorry for parkers’ last week! I was misreading it.

It seemed to be yet another complaint about Blue Badge holders – and we all know how quick replies come for that. But no, it was in fact a very well reasoned letter from the Boston Disability Forum’s Joe Nash and the points he made were reasoned and well explained.

Unfortunately I doubt much notice will be taken of his letter by those in power. After all, they know what is best for us, whether they be in Boston (in the locality) or Lincoln (miles away and where all the projections for Boston appear to be done by computer model).

Every point Joe made is relevant: Blue Badge holders blocking dropped kerbs, parking continuing in front of crossing points which blend into the surroundings, speeding cars (despite an alleged 20mph limit), the council not wanting to put down recognisable road markings.

His most relevant comment, and one which the majority of Bostonians will agree with, was his last one. “We pay our rates for the council to organise the town to make life easier for us and do things that will enhance our town so that it flourishes. All I see is that they make life more difficult for us and drive away visitors.”

Amen to that, Joe – over too the council.

It was nice to see web comments on my piece about another bookies in the Market Place. At least it showed that people actually read the column! But I would take up ‘woodstar’s comment: I wasn’t moaning about another bookies, just pointing out that they, charity shops and mobile phone shops seem to be taking over all the empty shops. And I agree with everything said by Wormgate.

And just to keep up the record: how nice to see the council isn’t going to disappoint us – yet another increase in parking charges, among others! How nice to see they are encouraging people to come to the town.