OPEN PRIMARY: Head teacher wants to ‘come home’ to Lincolnshire as MP

Tim Clark
Tim Clark

A head teacher is aiming to swap the classroom for the Commons as he bids to become Boston and Skegness’ MP.

Tim Clark, 49, is looking to return to his home county – having grown up in Brant Broughton before going on to become head of Spalding High School.

He worked there from 1999 to 2013 before moving to Skinner’s Academy in London.

Mr Clark took on David Blunkett in the Labour heartland of Sheffield Brightside and is now keen to contest a seat in an area he knows and loves. He said: “I am very proud of my Lincolnshire roots and I understand the benefits of living and working in the county.

“I wouldn’t want to stand where I had no affinity or empathy and certainly wouldn’t apply for any and every seat.

“I want to be a committed constituency MP that understands and fights for the constituency.”

Mr Clark believes his experience at school would stand him in stead to do just that.

He added: “I work with people from all walks of life daily and surely that’s what a constituency MP does. I hope that has also made me aware of the issues of the area and a good listener, which some MPs are not so good at.”

While education would be a key issue for Mr Clark, he says he is also keen to fight for better rural services.

He feels the police are already at ‘breaking point’ and says he has first hand experience of the challenges facing our hospitals – with his father dying in Lincoln County Hospital of MRSA after being admitted with pneumonia.

He said immigration is not as clear cut an issue as he feels UKIP are suggesting, but stressed: “I do think immigration has got out of control to the point that the number of migrant workers are more than the number of jobs available and that is having an impact on services.”

He vowed the only way voters can get action on the EU is with the Conservative Party.